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Welcome to the ENJOY EXPERIENCE!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this vision!  Here are a few more details about the business model.  Feel free to email, text or call us at 405.283.6837 with any questions :) Cultivate Showcase

Value Prop

Enjoy is the Apple Store of eyewear. We eliminate the overwhelm, confusion, and rush when purchasing eyewear.

Business Model

At Enjoy we offer prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses in a minimal environment. We are focused on the client experience and providing quality, independent eyewear. We want you to look good, see clearly and keep it easy!

Redemptive Opportunity

We contribute to our neighborhood through conversations in our inviting retail space.  We build healthy teams by empowering "intrapreneurs."  We are seeking to have a global impact by providing glasses to the "pearls" at The Pearl House in Ghana, West Africa.

Capital Plan/Funding Plan

We are currently recruiting investors to add our next location.  We see opportunity in human centric, walkable communities (with a focus on vacation towns and tier II cities like Boise, Omaha, and Salt Lake City). We are also seeking connections for acquisition opportunities across the region.

Biggest Organizational Need

We are seeking investors who share our vision to build healthy teams, grow leaders and replicate the Enjoy Experience in other locations.  We also appreciate insight from seasoned business owners as we refine and scale the model. 

Founder Bio

Josh is an ABO certified optician with 10 years of optical retail experience. He learned the industry while helping acquire optometry practices and build teams in the Indianapolis metro. He continued his development at a premiere optical retailer in OKC, expanding his friendships across the industry. Josh started Enjoy Optical with his family in 2022 as an expression of their family motto, Enjoy Life Together.

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